OPINION: Students should bike and walk to school


Tatiana Serrano

The benefits of exercise in the morning are tremendous.

SCHS is conveniently located for many students, close enough to walk or bike to. However, many pupils still choose to drive to school. The benefits of non-gasoline transportation outweigh the ease of sitting in a car. Students can help decrease pollution and improve their bodies by walking or biking to school.

Many students don’t use alternative modes of transportation to get to school because they believe that these methods take longer than driving. Taking into account the traffic and hustle of the cars in the drop-off circle, it is actually faster to walk right up to the gates, or to park a bike.

Not only does traffic add time to one’s commute, but it contributes to the atmospheric pollution. If students used non-gasoline transportation, they would be helping the environment by decreasing the amount greenhouse gasses.

Biking and walking save time and protect the earth but also provide some early morning exercise that contributes to a better mental state. One study conducted by a Scottish elementary school teacher, Elaine Wyllie, proved that exercise can benefit one’s education. Wyllie had her children run one mile before she taught them, and she saw an immense change in her students’ attitude, with many of their grades improving as well. The same can be applied to high school students. Just fifteen minutes of exercise before learning can be very beneficial.

At the same time, there is an understanding for those who live too far away, where a car is their only option. In that case, they have a plausible excuse as to why they might not be able to reduce their carbon footprint, or experience the other benefits of alternate transportation.

Students who live near SCHS should walk or bike to school instead of driving in order to save time, get exercise before class and help save the earth.