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Courtesy of Alex Loo

Senior Wills

I, Tiffany Tran, leave the badminton club/team to someone responsible and not the boys.

I, Jose Alberto Sole, leave my basketball jersey number for another talented player.

I, Ihuoma Otah, leave behind my *great* attitude towards others in Orchestra to Shannon Wong.

Nontraditional Pathways: Military

While some students are choosing to attend college after high school, others have chosen to join the military. Senior Chris Moon decided to join the Armed Forces after college as a way of paying off the student debt he will accumulate from his undergraduate education.

“When I join the military, I’ll be living in the barracks, I’ll have food, and I will be able to pay of that debt faster,” Moon said.

Moon became interested in joining the Marine Corps after participating in the Marine Corps Poolee program. According to Moon, the Poolee program gets young people ready to join the Marines. While in the program, Moon participated in boot camp-like physical activities and was educated on the history of the Marines.

Moon plans to continue his education of the Marines in college, where he plans to take a platoon leader’s class during the summers that will train him to become an officer.

He plans to major in economics in college and would like to become a finance officer in the Marines. This he hopes will lead to a job in a business firm some day.

“I get the career experience, so it will be almost like I am interning for a job, but it’s a real job so I’ll adjust to the civilian world and it will make it easier to get a job” Moon said.