Student artists showcase their skills at the annual Day of the Arts show


Eunice Oh

Junior Patrick Velasquez’s sculpture.

Student performances and 400 pieces of student artwork were exhibited at SCHS on Thursday, May 23 for the annual Day of the Arts showcase, an event devoted to the creative community at the school.

Many classes on campus that are part of the practical arts and visual and performing arts department are involved in this event every year. Art teacher Erik Torres believes that Day of the Arts is meant to show appreciation for the creativity within SCHS.

“As a society, we do not realize the importance of art. We want everyone to be aware of the importance of art and the talent that is present here at Santa Clara,” Torres said.

Art teacher Neil Woodman believes the event unites the community.

“Teachers tend to stay in their classroom or their subject area. Students go to the same classes everyday. Administration are in their offices or the hallways,” Woodman said. ”This day everyone can go and see something special made by students.”

Day of the Arts does not just showcase experienced, aspiring student artists but also focuses on students who work hard to create pieces that represent the skills they learned in  class, according to Torres. Art teacher Abbey Sinclair agrees.

“I have only been here for one semester, but I can already see that there are many creative students in the school,” Sinclair said. “This is a way to celebrate those students and show other students what they can learn in the different classes.”

Junior Jade Collins’s work was displayed for this occasion. Collins is not an aspiring artist, but she feels appreciated that her work was still recognized.

“I’m not very artistic, but seeing my art on display makes me feel encouraged,” Collins said. “It shows that even those who don’t have much experience or no experience at all can be artistic.”

Many students feel encouraged that their work contributed to Day of the Arts. According to junior Charlie Velasquez, the event followed its purpose of showing that anyone can create something beautiful regardless of experience.

“Day of the Arts shows students that art can come in many different forms, and that all these forms should be appreciated,” Velasquez said.