REVIEW: ‘Abominable’ makes up for its generic plotline with stunning sights and adorable characters


Courtesy of Google Images

The film offers cute characters and impressive animation.

“Abominable,” an animated film by China’s Pearl Studio and DreamWorks Animation, came out on Friday, Sept. 27. While the motion-picture definitely has a typical and somewhat boring creature-rescue plot, it is easily made up for as the animation shows beautiful landscapes of the different corners of Asia and offers a myriad of silly and adorable scenes.

The plot of “Abominable” is rather generic. After discovering a Yeti on the roof of her apartment building, teenager Yi and her two friends embark on a fast-paced journey to bring their new friend, Everest, back to the mountain of the same name. Of course to achieve their goal, they must be faster than the determined financier and zoologist who wants Everest for their economic gain.

The storyline closely resembles many previously-released movies like “How To Train Your Dragon” and “E.T.” The key element in all of these is the main character wants to rescue a magical or mythical creature from the evil, money-hungry antagonists. 

However, “Abominable” has some of its own tweaks to that formula: the main character brings two more friends along the journey, who add humor to the movie. The protagonist is also female and of Asian descent, which shows the film’s attempt to promote feminism and diversity.

Even though the plot is not particularly fresh, “Abominable” generously compensated for its lack of originality with an abundance of endearing scenes. One of Yi’s friends, Peng, instantly forms a bond with Everest and together they put a smile on the audience’s faces. In one scene, he lets Everest try his beloved soda, which results in both becoming sugar-high and acting even more childish. They are an exceptionally charming duo, who sometimes even steal the spotlight from the main protagonist Yi.

The main reason why “Abominable” is so captivating, aside from the character development, is its show stopping views of different landmarks and nature that Yi and her friends stumble upon during their journey. The film captures many of China’s important natural sights such as the Himalayas, the Gobi desert and the Leshan Giant Buddha. The landmarks are also tied to Yi’s dream of traveling around China, so they are naturally incorporated into the storyline. 

The Yeti’s personality in “Abominable” is similar to Toothless’ in “How to Train Your Dragon” and the journey of Yi and her friends doesn’t change the mold of the “save a magical creature” plot. However, aside from a familiar storyline, “Abominable” offers the audience a captivating and adorable adventure that everyone can enjoy.