Bruins lose 42-9 to the Palo Alto Vikings in the 2019 homecoming game


Tatiana Serrano-Zeledon

Senior Joseph Hernandez (far right) gives his all against the Palo Alto Vikings.

The SCHS homecoming game ended when the Bruins lost to the Palo Alto Vikings 9-42.

“We didn’t get the results we wanted. A lot of mistakes were made and, as our defensive coordinator would say, we didn’t play good Santa Clara Bruins football,” linebacker senior Even Tsegai said.

Before the game started, the homecoming court was presented one last time before the winners were announced. The crowd greeted their new king and queen, Megan Takamatsu and Bailey Mungaray, with a resounding applause.

The first quarter started with the Bruins on offense. Although the first plays of the quarter were a little rocky, with a few incomplete passes, the quarter was characterized by plenty of complete passes, the first caught by wide receiver senior Joseph Hernandez. The quarter ended with the Vikings making another touchdown, finishing the quarter with the score 22-0, Palo Alto.

In the second quarter, the Bruins pushed into Palo Alto territory, making it to the 10-yard line on the third down. With 50 seconds left on the clock, senior wide receiver Max Orellana attempted to catch Hernandez’s forceful pass to make a touchdown but was quickly intercepted by the Vikings, sending the ball straight to the ground. The quarter ended 29-3, Palo Alto.

The fourth quarter ended when senior receiver Bailey Mungaray passed the Vikings’ defense, with some very close tackles, running 40 yards into the end zone. Santa Clara finished with their first touchdown of the game, ending with the score at 42-9, Palo Alto.

“We came out looking a little better in the second half and we didn’t go down without a fight. I’m especially proud that our team didn’t turn on each other, we lifted each other up and now we’re onto the next one,” Tsegai said.