REVIEW: SCHS Theatre Department’s ‘Black Comedy’ is interactive and humorous

Students (left to right) senior Prathan Bhardwaj, sophomore Kiara Plaza, junior Olivia Orr and junior Sierra Blackhurst act onstage.

Lhana Philavong

Students (left to right) senior Prathan Bhardwaj, sophomore Kiara Plaza, junior Olivia Orr and junior Sierra Blackhurst act onstage.

The lights cut off. Silence fills the room. Two voices are heard throughout a pit of darkness. It is up to the audience to visualize what is happening onstage. 

This year, SCHS’s Theatre Department opened their fall play “Black Comedy” on Friday, Nov. 8. With many moments of humor and drama, “Black Comedy” is not a performance to miss. 

The play begins with aspiring artist Brindsley Miller, played by sophomore Kiara Plaza, having interesting conversations and bickering about their issues with Carol Melkett, Miller’s fiance, acted out by junior Sierra Blackhurst.

Miller’s apartment suddenly loses power. Miller and Carol begin to panic as they stumble and reach out their hands in search of nearby objects. Miller tries to turn the power back on with the help of neighbors and an electrician but remains wandering in the dark. Seeing how ridiculous the situation is draws laughter from the audience.

The lighting of the play to show the blackouts was a funny and interesting aspect, hence the name “Black Comedy.” Basically, when the audience can see the stage, the actors pretend to be in the dark. When the lights are out, they act as if there is light and they can see onstage, confusing the audience at first. However, it is an amusing way of telling the story. 

Throughout the performance, there were many witty remarks and clever jokes that elicited chuckles and “Oohs” from the audience. The actors delivered these with ease, so the show never felt uncomfortable or forced. 

The actors’ clear and loud voices travelled all the way to the back of the theater, so every piece of dialogue was heard. Also, the emotion and attitude they implemented gave life to their characters and more meaning to the situations.

Apart from the amazing performances of the leading actors, the side characters made the show even more entertaining. Senior Prathan Bhardwaj as the neighbor, Harold Gorringe, animated the stage. Miss Furnival, acted by senior Samantha Hamilton, gave a comical performance with her believable British accent, and her attitude fit the character very well. Junior Olivia Orr, playing the part of Colonel Melkett, projected her voice very well and had a strong stage presence. 

The Theatre Departments’ production of “Black Comedy” is a very entertaining and professional show, bringing comedic drama and an unexpected experience that no one should miss. 


Upcoming performances for “Black Comedy” are Thursday, Nov. 14*, Friday, Nov. 15 and Saturday, Nov. 16, at 7 p.m. in the SCHS theater. Tickets are $10 for general admission, and $8 for students with an ASB card.

*pending demand