REVIEW: SCHS Jungle Cruise Talent Show was a great representation of the schools’ talent


Emily Harvie

Seniors (left to right) Areiah Malonzo, Laila Davidson, Victoria Johnson and Jonathan Vergonio close out the show with a final few words.

The packed theater applauds with anticipation as the lights dim and two voices speak. The audience turns silent for the second annual SCHS talent show.

The SCHS Talent Show took place on Friday, Jan. 24, and was packed with lively performances by singers, dancers and musicians.

To start the show off, the SCHS Leadership class divided up by their council positions and performed high energy Tik Tok dances. Then, they all came together and danced to “Dig a Little Deeper” from Disney’s “Princess and the Frog” to set the mood for the show’s Jungle Cruise theme.

One of the first acts of the night was senior Isabel Zhong’s contemporary dance solo called “Silhouette.” Zhong’s body flowed effortlessly with the music in clean, swift movements. Her solo was eye-catching due to her mesmerizing flexibility and unique dance moves that made the audience gasp in awe.

One duet that stood out was juniors Inci Yesin and Caeshia Suwitra’s rendition of “All I Want” by Olivia Rodrigo. While both sang, Suwitra played ukulele as their soft, captivating voices enhanced the sweet lyrics of the wholesome song.

Another memorable act was junior Byron Yang’s piano solo. The simplicity of Yang’s playing allowed the audience to soak into the passion of every note. Yang’s skills became more apparent as the music sped up and intensified, captivating the audience.

Sophomore Andree Deiparine showed off her vocal skills by singing an acoustic version of “Born to Be Brave” from “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” Deiparine’s voice was strong yet angelic and could be heard throughout the whole theater. With every line she sang, the audience could feel the emotion in her voice.

One of the closing acts was Freshman Kaushik Salem playing the piano. Salem began his act with a light-hearted jazz piece but then shocked the crowd by powerfully singing “Mess Around” by Ray Charles. His voice was compelling and provided the perfect vocals to accompany his jazz piece.

Wrapping up the show, the ASB president, Jonathon Vergonio, and vice president, Areiah Malonzo, thanked those who contributed to the talent show and reminded the audience of how wonderful the SCHS community is in showing their support. Overall, the Jungle Cruise talent show was enthralling and was a great way for SCHS students to showcase their skills.