SCHS JV boys basketball wins 52-48 to the Saratoga Falcons


Kristina Liah

Freshman Ethan Lam dribbles down the court.

On Friday, Feb. 1, the SCHS Boys JV Basketball won against the Saratoga Falcons 52-48.

The game started off with neck-in-neck battling from both teams to outscore each other but continued to stay around the same score range. The first half ended with a score of 25-28, Saratoga leading, and coaches from both teams gave tips to their players.

During the second half, Saratoga was coming down hard on the Bruins, leading 36-27. After an impressive takeaway by the Falcons, SCHS sophomore Ralph Tordo scored a two-pointer, bringing them closer to Saratoga. Saratoga sophomore Niveydh Pai traveled down-court after a quick turnover to score. With only 23.6 seconds to spare, Saratoga called a timeout with a score of 47 Santa Clara, 48 Saratoga.

Throughout the third quarter, a foul by Saratoga sophomore Ayaaz Shaf pushed SCHS freshman Jason Visitacion down to the basketball floor. SCHS freshman Ethan Lam shot a three-pointer to tie with five minutes and 30 seconds on the clock for the third quarter. As Saratoga sophomore Chris Liu passed half-court, the Bruins stole the ball.

The fourth quarter started off with Tordo stealing the ball, attempting to safe-dive into the stands, as Bruin supporters helped him get back into the game. Three back-to-back fouls called on Santa Clara resulted in Saratoga’s free shot and a change of possession. The Falcons missed both of these shots.

Both teams were battling to outdo each other and score as time began to run out. With 19 seconds left on the clock, each team had nine fouls. Torda shot a final two-pointer with 11 seconds left and the Bruins won 52-48.

“I think we were really good…” freshman Bruins basketball player Adam Fukuda said.

“It feels great winning…” Tordo said.