Many students utilize Saturn for its numerous features


Amelia Howell

The app has gained more users through its referral system.

Many students across the world and across time have struggled with keeping track of their classes and school events, but two developers aimed to change that. Saturn is an application launched by friends Dylan Diamond and Max Baron in 2018, stemming from Diamond’s struggles with time management in high school.

Saturn is a mobile and web application with many features, including the ability to view what classes one’s friends are in, upcoming school events and time management tools, such as a timer for every class. The app gained the attention of SCHS students in the beginning of the school year due to a large uptick in users. Saturn requests users to send it to two friends, whether via Snapchat or SMS, allowing more users to join. The app also connects one’s Bitmoji – the digital portrait created by Snapchat – to allow users to recognize their friends’ faces.

SCHS junior Otso Karali enjoys the user interface but believes some features are unnecessary.

“I think, overall, how it looks is great. I think it’s very smooth and simple to use,” Karali said. “I do think that the texting and group chat [functions] are a bit unnecessary. Not many people use them.”

The feature of being able to see other people’s schedules is not the main attraction, though. Many students, such as freshman Catalina Lopez, use the app for a different purpose.

“I use it for seeing how much time is left in my class, and how much is left in lunch, and if I’m using the bathroom, how much time I have left,” Lopez said.

Junior Faith Manansala also believes the core purpose of the app is efficiency and being able to track how much time someone has to get to class.

“I’m walking in as the bell rings, so I see how many minutes I have to get to my class,” Manansala said.

The app continues to help many students arrive on time and track their classes, and some students like Karali expect to use it in the upcoming school years.

“If it (Saturn) still works the same way, definitely in senior year,” Karali said.

Saturn updates its app regularly, and aims to make organizing a student’s life easier and more teen friendly.

“It’s like a school app that seems like it was made by teenagers or someone who knows a little more about them, and it’s definitely directed at teens,” Karali said.