SCHS alumna Cindy Eng rallies her community with an online petition to save her mother’s ‘Posh Bagel’ shop


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The petition has been rapidly increasing in signatures since its creation.

After 15 years of service to the Santa Clara community, the Posh Bagel shop at the Rivermark Plaza is in jeopardy of closing down.

Former SCHS student Cindy Eng, the daughter of store owner Terry Eng, used social media to help Posh Bagel. On Friday, Oct. 11 2019, she posted on Instagram about a petition she created on, and numerous SCHS students reposted it on their Instagram stories to help spread the word. Over 1,000 people have signed the petition in the last two days.

“I came up with a petition as I’ve seen people of different backgrounds use it to gain attention and awareness of their situation, so I thought maybe it can help me spread my situation for the locals to see,” Eng said.

According Eng’s summary on her petition, the landlord plans to replace Posh Bagel with a Korean Barbeque restaurant.

“It’s closing down due to the fact that the landlord doesn’t see it fit in the plaza and their main concern is for more money to go in their pockets,” Eng said.

In her summary, Eng explains her mother’s love for the shop and how she does not deserve to be shut down. She states in her message, “This is my mother’s livelihood and it is unfair to her as she never missed a month of rent and works hard everyday to fulfilling a goal of making someone’s day.”

Eng believes social media is a great platform to bring awareness to the situation Posh Bagel is in since she has done a similar outreach on the internet before. A couple months ago, Eng helped boost the amount of customers through a Twitter post.

“Social media definitely plays a big part in saving this shop since everyone is so in touch now,” Eng said. “People don’t need to get up and sign a paper. They have it right under their fingertips.”

Senior Liana Williams is one devoted customer who reposted Eng’s petition on her Instagram. She believes Posh Bagel creates a sense of community for people living near the Rivermark Plaza. According to Williams, Terry Eng knows everyone by their first name and their favorite bagel.

“Every time I go to Posh Bagel, the owner and the entire staff knows my order,” Williams said. “When I walk in the store it feels like home.”

Sophomore Kelanie Garcia agrees the close-to-home service is what makes Posh Bagel so special.

“My family and I absolutely love Posh, and we make it a priority to try and get bagels in the mornings during the weekends,” Garcia said.

Eng believes her mother and Posh Bagel have made an imprint on Santa Clara, and she hopes the petition will help Terry Eng’s hard work continue.

“Everyday different customers and regulars come in and my mom engages in their lives as they tell her stories of vacations, births, hardships, etc,” Eng said. “No matter how long a customer has been coming, my mom will remember a face and name.”

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