REVIEW: ‘Gemini Man’ offers a blend of action and thriller with stunning visuals


Courtesy of Google Images

Will Smith’s CGI clone brings a special feel to his character.

“Gemini Man” was released on Friday, Oct. 11th by Paramount Pictures and brings viewers the right amount of both action and thriller.

When elite assassin Henry Brogan, played by Will Smith, finally decides to retire after 72 kills, an organization called GEMINI sends someone to kill him. It is later revealed to Brogan that the person targeting him is a younger clone of himself, codenamed Junior.

Using CGI, the developers of the movie were able to make Junior without having to use an extra actor for Smith to interact with. Because of this, the clones resembled Smith in ways that another actor could not do. This was very appealing and made the storyline smoother and more enjoyable.

The plot of the movie was unique. When Junior fights Brogan for the first time, blind to the fact that he is a clone, he describes it as “fighting a ghost,” which perfectly describes his inner conflict. Throughout the movie, Junior does not want to accept that he was made from Brogan. This conflict adds to the amazing plot of the film.

Brogan also faces lots of challenges with himself. He is lost between personalities since Junior is an exact replica of him, but better. This sub-plot was very well done. In the beginning, Borgan is just a man who assassinated people, but later he steps up and does what is right. It adds a thrill of excitement and makes Brogan a likeable character.

There are lots of events going on at a fast pace because of director Ang Lee’s choice to go with a high frame rate for the movie. This makes the film more interesting since new variables keep adding to the storyline. The high frame rate also makes the more intense scenes feel realistic which makes watching the film enjoyable.

When everything is put together, “Gemini Man” is spectacular in ways that are not shown very often. The plot of the movie combined with the well-made choice of a high frame rate makes such an appealing action and thriller movie.