REVIEW: ‘Frozen 2’ grows with its audience, introducing philosophical themes about learning from the past


Courtesy of Google Images

The film is mature and stunning in its visuals.

The long-awaited “Frozen 2” debuted in theaters on Friday, Nov. 22. Aside from unnecessary singing, the movie offers stunning animation, a fast-paced plot and a moving story of learning from the past to create a better future.

Set three years after the events of the first film, the story follows princess Anna and queen Elsa, with their original friend group, embarking on a journey into a mysterious forest in order to discover the origin of Elsa’s magical powers and save their kingdom.

Although the story revolves around the same characters from the first movie, they have grown and matured. Anna now understands that she needs to let her sister follow her heart, unlike in the original “Frozen” film, where she tries to stop Elsa from using magic powers. Elsa, who was previously feared by her denizens, is now their queen, but she still doesn’t feel as if she is in the right place. After hearing a voice call out to her from the north of her castle, Elsa speculates that it will help her find her purpose, setting the plot in action.

Side character’s personalities have improved since the first. Comical Olaf gets into the habit of questioning his age and maturity, and Kristoff grows up too: he prepares to ask Anna to marry him, continuing their romance from the first film.

Even though the original “Frozen” captivated viewers with a story about the sister’s love, “Frozen 2” by far out does its predecessor by adding elements of darkness and maturity. The plot is focused on learning from the past, and it seems to target an older audience unlike the first film.

Even so, “Frozen 2” adopts many more songs and musicality than “Frozen,” which might not be ideal for some viewers.

Almost every big scene in “Frozen 2” is supported by a soundtrack, and while many can enjoy a good Disney song, the music doesn’t fit the gorgeous animation. Rather, it feels lazy and repetitive. However, the overwhelming amount of bad songs is the film’s only flaw.

The animation of “Frozen 2” should be considered a model for other magical movies. It creates bright and gorgeous visuals of enchanted forests, enormous icebergs and strong oceans that captivate the viewer and make them feel the magic.

“Frozen 2” is a great improvement from the original. Being a Disney movie, the film primarily targets a young audience, but it also adds philosophical themes about accepting the past and discovering a character’s purpose, which makes it a great film for an audience of any age.