REVIEW: ‘Little Women’ teaches its audience to understand the true meaning of happiness and love


Courtesy of Google Images

The film features many popular actors to appeal to the 21st century audience.

The 2019 movie “Little Women” based on the 1868 novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott, was released Wednesday, Dec. 25. It is an unpredictable story that captures the viewer with its plot twists and life lessons.

Set during the Civil War Era, “Little Women” is about the four March sisters and their lives as they grow and face different obstacles. The story starts on a serious note but as the plot progresses, humor emerges.

“Little Women” jumps between the past and present but never shows the characters’ future, leaving the viewer guessing about the possibilities of plot development. The movie fits into the romantic genre with the characters focused on finding love and happiness. However, a few unexpected relationships may leave viewers upset.

The film’s message is everybody has the power to make life changes with enough effort. The March sisters live at a time when women do not have the same options as men regarding their success. According to the wealthy aunt of the March sisters, women can only get rich by marrying an affluent man. The sisters, however, reject that idea and instead find happiness with the people they truly love, penniless or wealthy.

The events take place in the 1860s, and the cinematography helps capture the aesthetics of those times. The film has many stunning scenes that are set in beautiful locations and help create the ambiance.

A scene where Theodore “Laurie” Lawrence expresses his love for Jo March happens during sunset in a grassy field outlined with trees that has vibrant orange leaves. This setting gives sentimental feelings to the audience and helps make the scene more touching.

“Little Woman” is an emotional rollercoaster as there are many outcomes that please the viewer and many occurrences that do not. However, the movie has many important lessons focusing on finding true happiness, making it a great film even for those who have never read the book.