REVIEW: The SCHS Spring Concert was a calming and enjoyable night



The Jazz Band performs for its audience of family and friends.

Families, friends and peers gather together in the dim theatre. In anticipation, the audience whispers and engages in small talk. Suddenly, the lights cut and the show begins.

SCHS’s annual Spring Choir and Jazz Concert took place on Wednesday, March 4 at 7:00 p.m.

The first act of the night was the Concert Choir 1 class singing “Love Shall Conquer All,” a song that music teacher Jonathan Erdman explained was originally sung in Latin. The mixture of sopranos and altos created angelic harmonies and great pitch; their blend maintained a professional aura.

Apart from the higher-registered singers, there were only two male singers in the class. Surprisingly, their voices continued to resonate and in some parts, overcome the fuller sound of the other students. Because of this, their evident voices added a dynamic feeling to the song. However, the choir’s constant swaying from side to side was a bit distracting. Although, they made up for it with their apparent enjoyment while being on stage.

After Concert Choir 1, the show continued to flow smoothly with small intermissions eliciting more anticipation from the audience about the next act. Concert Choir 2 delivered an even more controlled and professional atmosphere as they held comfortable and relaxed facial expressions. In contrast, their performance of “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars, evoked cheerful and positive comments from the audience.

The Jazz band had a satisfying performance as they played multiple calm tunes that created a lounge atmosphere. Many students had solos in songs such as “Cotton Tail” and the band’s take on “Somewhere” from West Side Story. The variety of wind instruments played during solos delivered an interesting flow throughout their performances and kept the audience entranced. This, along with the switch between jazz and even an interpretation of a rock song, made the performances.

With the smooth tune of saxophones, the loud thumping of drums and beautiful harmonies of the choir, SCHS’s Spring Concert was a night of classic tunes and impressive musical performances.