New science teacher Lizzy Estes brings her optimistic passion for teaching to SCHS


Courtesy of Lizzy Estes

New SCHS Science teacher Lizzy Estes enjoys the outdoors and has a strong passion for teaching science.

Between hiking and going outdoors, biology and chemistry teacher Lizzy Estes has a strong passion for teaching science. Born and raised in the state of Washington, Estes earned her master’s degree in education from Santa Clara University.

“I spent time in the Santa Clara area, and I really enjoy the community,” Estes said. “I heard great things, and I have already been super welcomed and supported here.”

Though Estes has been teaching for three years, this is her first year at SCHS. Before teaching at SCHS, she was a pharmacy technician, worked at the YMCA and taught middle and high school. Estes’s strong passion for science inspires her to teach.

“In high school, I remember visiting a cadaver lab in science. That was super cool and it absolutely wowed me,” Estes said. “I just want to be able to share this with other people and be able to teach others about the wonders of science.”

As Estes grew up in a family of teachers, she always thought of becoming one.

“I think it was always one of those things sitting in the back of my mind,” Estes said. “I went off to college thinking I would be a pharmacist or a marine biologist, and then I found myself drawn back to teaching and helping students and kids.”

Like many at SCHS, Estes is currently adapting to distance learning and can relate to the struggles of her students. She values being in a classroom with them, so distance learning has changed classroom interactions. Although the transition was difficult, Estes is thoughtful about the opportunity to learn more.

“When COVID hit, I had to make adjustments and learn about all these new technologies and platforms and ways I can make learning fun and engaging,” Estes said. “It’s a good reminder that even though I am an adult, I am still a lifelong learner. I have to adjust, adapt and be flexible with whatever life throws at us.”