New teacher Janice Narvaez uses a variety of teaching methods to help her students grow


Joshua Cedro

Narvaez teaches physics at SCHS this year.

When it comes to teaching, new SCHS teacher Janice Narvaez can teach a wide range of subjects. This year Narvaez has chosen physics instead of physical education.

“Because of my masters being in Human Sciences, I was more comfortable being in either P.E. or science,” Narveaz said.

Before earning her teaching credentials, Narvaez participated in a Regional Occupational Program, where she learned about different career options. Eventually, Narvaez chose to work at gyms and in schools with athletic trainers.

Narvaez believes the best way to teach a child is to find how they learn.

“There’s a variety of learners and different ways people like to learn,” Narvaez said. “Encouraging (students) to constantly learn is what drives me, and that’s my passion.”

Narvaez has noticed that students become discouraged when they do not understand certain concepts. In order to prevent this, she tries teaching her students in different ways until they understand.

“When you actually see a kid get that light bulb because they finally understand something, that’s just the best feeling,” Narvaez said.

Narvaez believes that learning happens everywhere.

“Everybody learns. You don’t have to be in a classroom to learn. You have to learn your job. You have to learn how to live. You have to learn your life skills outside of school,” Narvaez said.

Narvaez wants to be able to adapt her teaching methods for each student in order to help all her students grow inside and outside the classroom.

“Finding out the best way a student learns and being able to assist them through their whole career, through their whole life, on how to be a lifelong learner, is my goal,” Narvaez said.