New library media assistant Carol Bamsch spreads kindness through books and mechanical work


Ellen Vu

Prior to becoming the Library Media Assistant, Bamsch was a substitute teacher at elementary schools in SCUSD.

What started as a volunteering position at Santa Clara High School has ended up being a career for Library Media Assistant Carol Bamsch. 

Bamsch began helping out at SCHS’s library in her free time, organizing shelves and cataloging books. She pursued the position of Library Media Assistant because of her love for books and the inspiring kindness from the librarians at the time, Mrs. Shelby and Mrs. Watkins.

“I loved how they interacted with the students,” Bamsch said. “They were all for the students and getting books for the students.” 

Before accepting the position on campus, Bamsch was a substitute teacher for the elementary schools in SCUSD. Now, as a Library Media Assistant, Bamsch spends her time in the library repairing books when they come in, checking books in and out and cataloging books when they arrive. 

Bamsch has a mechanical background, allowing her to have a second job outside of SCHS where she works as a handyman. She helps with repair jobs, such as painting and electrical work around houses and buildings. Bamsch enjoys working hands-on as she grew up in a machine shop, “milling, drilling, grinding.” 

“Then I worked for 13 years in machine programming,” Bamsch said. “I’d rather do work with my hands.” 

Bamsch’s favorite part of her handyman job is the variety of work that it offers and the opportunities to learn something new. Even when something unexpected pops up and delays the project completion, Bamsch tries her best to satisfy her customers. 

“I have learned that the clients are happy to have someone who cares to have a job well done,” Bamsch said. 

Throughout her life and her new position at SCHS, Bamsch looks forward to helping people and sharing kindness to everyone.I realize that my strengths are in things that can help or benefit others,” Bamsch said.