SCHS welcomes culinary arts teacher David Keith and his passion for diverse food


Ellen Vu

Prior to SCHS, Keith worked at the University of California, Los Angeles where he discovered his passion for teaching.

As the new Culinary Arts teacher at SCHS, David Keith is determined to open his students’ eyes to the diversity of food. 

Prior to working at SCHS, Keith has been a teacher for 18 years. He has worked at University of California, Los Angeles for six years as well as Le Cordon Bleu, college of Culinary Arts in Las Vegas for four years. His last eight years were spent working at the high school level. 

“When I was working in Los Angeles, I started teaching at UCLA in the evenings and I found it really enjoyable,” Keith said. “I loved the process of it.”

While teaching evening classes at UCLA, Keith discovered his passion for teaching and was recruited by Le Cordon Bleu. He began teaching with a focus on general education, dining room services and guest services. 

As a teacher, Keith hopes he can impact his students by teaching them to work in a calm and highly-professional manner. For Keith, the kitchen is no place to yell or fight amongst each other, so he believes it is necessary for students to keep the environment mature, peaceful and focused. 

“I try to emphasize that I want high professionalism,” Keith said. “They (students) need to be focused, and they do not need to scream and yell.” 

Keith views food as important parts of different cultures and experiences. 

“The idea is to challenge them and to explore food. Every culture is different and food brings people together,” Keith said. “It’s used for celebrations and always has amazing flavors and tastes and experiences out there.”

Above all, Keith believes food should be fun to experience. He envisions himself continuing to teach culinary for years to come. One of the most rewarding parts of teaching is seeing his students discover culinary freedom while having a fun time. 

“I enjoy you guys coming in and learning and being able to go home and create the thing,” Keith said. 

Outside of work, Keith is very fond of trying new places to dine at and travel to. 

“There are so many different cuisines and there’s so many different variations. It’s hard to run out of new dishes to try and new places to try,” Keith said. 

Keith values expanding his students’ views on food and strives to show students different flavors, techniques and textures. 

“You know there’s more beyond just the instant ramen,” Keith said.