REVIEW: Paul McCartney’s “The 7″ Singles” takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster


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The Beatles legend Paul McCartney released “The 7″ Singles” with a diverse assortment of music styles.

Paul McCartney released his album “The 7” Singles” on Friday, Dec. 2. The album has 80 singles and 159 tracks, with many being remastered songs. With a duration of 603 minutes, listeners can experience every genre of music in one sitting, from romantic love songs, relaxed tunes and upbeat additions. 

“Queenie Eye” begins calmly and fades to a fun and spirited beat led with vigorous drumming. The song holds little serious meaning, making it an easy and amusing listen. The trivial lyrics of “Queenie Eye” accompanied by the bright combination of guitar and drum add to its adolescent aura.

“Queenie eye queenie eye who’s got the ball / I haven’t got it, it isn’t in my pocket,” McCartney sings.

In contrast, the song “I Don’t Know” offers a gentle and gloomy beat. Introducing the song with a long piano solo, the lyrics carry a hopeless energy accompanied by a soft piano playing that encapsulates the listener. 

“I’ve tried to love you as best I can / But you know I’m only a man,” McCartney sings.

Resembling powerful emotion and heartbreak, the song reflects a feeling of not knowing what else one could have done to save an unrecoverable love. Throughout the song, the lyrics display a sensitive sentiment. 

Similarly to “I Don’t Know,” the track “In The Blink Of An Eye” features disheartening lyrics  with a twist. “In The Blink Of An Eye” matches the sorrowful lyrics in “I Don’t Know,” but the background music differs as a violin is introduced alongside an upbeat guitar and calm piano. Although the track is not about heartbreak caused by a person, it demonstrates heartbreak caused by the world. The song shines light on how time goes by quickly and how many fail to realize it.

“In the blink of an eye / Many songs have been sung / Many lives have gone by,” McCartney sings.

“Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey” is a surprising combination, starting with depressing lyrics and a mellow beat, slowly turning into a camp-like tune. The song is based on two characters, Uncle Albert, who is the cause of the melancholy beginning, and Admiral Halsey, leading the quick strums of the guitar and lively lyrics. The two contrasting techniques of music take the song to a different level of interest and pleasure. 

Uncle Albert is the first character described in the song. Beginning with sorrowful, dreary lyrics and steady guitar playing. 

“We’re so sorry Uncle Albert / We’re so sorry if we caused you any pain,” McCartney sings.

Admiral Halsey is the opposite, ending the song with a playful and inspiring perspective. 

“Get your feet up off the ground / Live a little, get around,” McCartney sings. 

Many of the tracks are angled around love and the joyous, whimsical passion it brings, like the song “Home Tonight” that expresses an adolescent, first love perspective. The guitar and drums are heavily featured to express the meaning behind the song in a heartfelt way. The song describes how someone cares for their love interest and how they want to protect her. 

“I’m taking you home tonight / I want to make sure that you’re alright,” McCartney sings.

Another love song featured on the album, “My Valentine,” has the same romantic undertones as “Home Tonight” but is sung and played with more intimacy and maturity. The combination of influential piano playing, stringing of the guitar and charming lyrics create an intriguing and  romantic ambiance. 

“I know that someday soon / The sun is gonna shine / And she’ll be there / This love of mine / My valentine,” McCartney sings. 

The song is both sung and played with love and endearment. It differs from the past, quicker, childish tracks in this album, diversifying it. “My Valentine” is soothing, feeling like a dream.

Although lengthy, Paul McCartney’s new release “The 7” Singles” has an assortment of music styles and singing that intrigue listeners to play all 603 minutes of it. “The 7” Singles will take listeners through a pleasantly surprising and emotional rollercoaster.