REVIEW: Kali Uchis’s “Red Moon in Venus” narrates a story of emotion to past lovers


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“Red Moon in Venus” consists of 15 tracks with a duration of 43 minutes and 22 seconds. 

Over the years, many of Kali Uchis’ songs have gone viral. On March 3, Uchis released her third studio album, “Red Moon in Venus.” It consists of 15 tracks with a duration of 43 minutes and 22 seconds. 

“I Wish You Roses” was quickly popularized as a single before the album was released. With birds singing in the background, Uchis sends a message to a past lover about having no hard feelings toward them, instead wishing them the best. The roses she sings about symbolize love and caring thoughts.

“I wish you love, I wish you well / I wish you roses while you can still smell them / But if you and my heart should someday drift apart / I’ll make sure to give you these blessings / Because they’re all I’ve got / I wish you roses, yeah, roses, roses,” Uchis sings. 

A slower song, “Love Between,” samples one of Uchis’ favorite songs from her childhood, “Love…Can Be So Wonderful” by The Temprees. The bass compliments her voice as she glorifies the love between two people and the random thoughts of adoration when around the other person.

“Love between two human beings / Can be so wonderful, wonderful (In love) / If you take away my air, how am I supposed to breathe? / Tell me, why would we be here if this ain’t meant to be? / Go on and call my number, I’ll pick up / You make me happy (Happy, happy) / You make my soul smile,” Uchis sings. 

“Hasta Cuando” is a statement to an ex-partner who holds bitter thoughts toward Uchis, spreading jealousy and lies about her in attempts to ruin her reputation. The song is a declaration of her confidence and carefree attitude toward her past. 

“Whatever makes you feel better / Paint me as the villain if that makes you feel better / Your girl talks (expletive) about me just to feel better / About the fact that you’re still obsessed with me years later / At the end of the day, she’d trade lives with me if God let her / So, whatever makes you feel better,” Uchis sings. 

“Endlessly” is the type of song many can dance along to. The track tells of Uchis’ lover having an abundance of love for her in their heart and wanting to be with her forever. Uchis is aware that she is the type of girl many look for in their lives and sings of how they would chase after her to keep her around. Uchis embraces the love and cannot help but want to love them the same.

“Wanna spoil me in every way / It’s Valentine’s like, every day / ‘Cause me, I’m the type you’ll want make your wife / Once you had this, you’ll need it for life / You nеver can never, еver seem to get enough / Don’t ever stop giving me your all and all / Love you, endlessly / Like that I’m different, do my own thing / You, endlessly, consistently, that’s all I want,” Uchis sings. 

In “Moral Conscience,” Uchis relishes in knowing that karma will come for those who have wronged her and make them feel regretful. She used to be remorseful for her mistakes and grieve the lack of love she received. She sings about her newfound growth and self-acceptance.

“One thing about karma, that (expletive) will find you / I guess I was just lookin’ for the love no one’s showed me in my childhood / Well, I hopе you feel it, I hope you find what you’re looking for / Surroundin’ yourself with praisе / But the truth sets in on those nights alone,” Uchis said. 

One of the album’s fast tempo songs is “Blue.” Despite the head nodding spirit, her lyrics carry a deeper meaning. She expresses the slow heartache of feelings not being reciprocated by the one person she wants. Many can relate to the lyrics about overthinking her feelings and the emptiness when that special person is not around. 

“I’m not broken yet / But sometimes it sure feels like it / When you treat me like a stranger / How do you get cold so fast? / Said, what’s the point of all the pretty things in the world if I don’t have you? / I guеss that’s my own fault for makin’ you my world, now all I feel is blue / Will the angels bring me back to you?” Uchis sings. 

“Red Moons in Venus” is the perfect girl-power album with the right amount of balance. Those who hear this album have heard her warning to not mess with her.