OPINION: Use the bathrooms cleanly


Navdeep Kaur

Student washes her hands in a dirty sink.

Timmy needed to use the school facilities throughout his whole class.  When the teacher finally let him go, he bursted out of his seat and sprinted to the bathroom, but what he saw disgusted him. The bathroom stall was too unsanitary to occupy, filled with crusted dirt and unflushed poop. Thus, Timmy had to wait until he returned home.

Unsanitary and unhygienic bathrooms are a huge problem at SCHS, and it needs to stop. Unclean and feculent environments are disgusting and can cause bacterial infections, such as salmonella.

America has been grossly negligent of her public sanitation, especially in schools, to the point that some students dread stepping into a public bathroom.

Bathrooms need to be kept in pristine conditions so people do not have to hold in their waste for prolonged periods, which is a very unhealthy thing to do and can cause urinary tract infections.

The SCHS boys’ bathrooms are very dirty and are rarely, if ever, taken care of by the students. People forget to flush, and graffiti decks the walls of the little stalls. These facilities need to be taken care of better so that they don’t pass illnesses around and are suitable for all students.

Not to mention, the unclean bathrooms make the jobs of the SCHS custodians more difficult. They are stuck cleaning the dirty bathrooms after school, and that can take a while.

Many people may believe it’s the custodians’ job to clean bathrooms, that they do not have any other responsibilities. This makes a lot of individuals think that they do not need to clean their own mess because someone is being paid to do it for them.  

That sort of mindset, however, is fundamentally wrong. The general job description of a custodian is someone who is hired for general maintenance of the school, including checking fire extinguishers and replacing the filters every few months in every classroom’s Airedale. Hygienic negligence from teens is not a part of their job description and can prevent them from actually doing what they were hired to do.

America’s youth taking care of their own mess would prevent unneeded attention from the custodians as well as making restrooms a place which are not dreaded by the general public.

Dirty toilets can cause sickness. Salmonella and the dreaded E.coli virus are only two of the many diseases that one could get from exposure to an unsanitary toilet.

SCHS students need to take care of the bathrooms and clean up after themselves  so less people are  at risk of getting a illness. The students should not overburden the custodians and should take care of their own bathrooms so they can be usable for everyone.