Churches have been meeting virtually during the pandemic


Amelia Howell

Many SCHS students are practicing their faith virtually.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person social gatherings are no longer feasible since people are supposed to stay home. However, due to many virtual platforms, public churches and an SCHS Christian club have kept in contact.

Ignite Christian Club is a club at SCHS with the purpose of spreading the word of Jesus to students on campus. They have been meeting virtually every Tuesday and Thursday on Zoom.

“For Tuesdays, we do devotionals and break-down scripture together. Thursdays are reserved for prayer, so as a club, we pray for different topics,” junior Keshia Suwitra said.

Social distancing has not stopped some churches from meeting on virtual platforms such as Zoom, live-stream, or Google Meet. Suwitra is thankful to still be able to go to church during such uncertain times.

“I enjoy my relationship with my church NBCC (New Beginnings Community Church), especially since I grew up with the people in the church and have known them since I was young,” Suwitra said. “Though it’s somewhat different, the virtual church has been pretty normal to me, and my family and I live-stream Sunday service together in the living room.”

Even though social distancing has been tough, senior Mikaylee Garcia loves being connected to a community that loves Jesus.

“It’s (virtual church) been alright. Obviously going to church in person is ten times better, but virtual church works and I am grateful for that,” Garcia said.

It was difficult for some churches to figure out how to go virtual, especially since it was such a sudden process. According to senior Timothy Tie, everyone at his church worked really hard to make virtual church a reality.

“Our virtual church has gradually improved as sound engineers, video editors, worship leaders, and pastors work hard behind the scenes to bring to the congregation a church service that resembles a regular in-person service as closely as possible,” Tie said.

Many people in the church community are grateful for the virtual church, including Tie. He loves coming together and being unified with those who share his beliefs.

“To come together at the same time of the day with fellow believers and be fully focused on and in awe of our wonderful God, whether online or in-person, is such a beautiful thing to be a part of,” Tie said.