Drama department hosts a virtual ‘Day of the Arts’ to bring joy to the SCHS community


Courtesy of Olivia Orr

The video was released on Thursday, May 21.

Every year, SCHS Drama Club hosts Day of the Arts in the small gym, showcasing physical art and performances assembled by the Drama department. However, due to the current pandemic, the Drama Club decided to create a video, released Thursday, May 21, that included both the practical and performing arts’ work to spread positivity and showcase talent.

The Drama Club decided to pick a theme for this year’s showcase: identity and accepting who you are. They usually do not choose a theme, but this year, they made the choice to, according to junior Olivia Orr, the secretary of the Drama Club.

“With this video, the Drama Club hopes to inspire people to stay positive and find a sense of belonging in this very weird time,” Orr said.

The Day of the Arts video included club members singing “A Place Where We Belong” from the musical “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.”

Junior Jema Mae Ranoy watched the video and found it to be very impressive.

“The Drama Club did really well continuing Day of the Arts, especially with the current circumstances and not being able to do it in person,” Ranoy said.

Ranoy also found the editing well done and interesting. Like Ranoy, junior Pradeep Kundu enjoyed the video and found that they showed their feelings in an impressive way.

“I think it was an empowering statement,” Kundu said.

The video is available on the official SCHS and Drama Club Instagram for anyone who wants to watch it.

“Through the performing arts, people find a community where they can truly be who they are. It’s also a place where many people can express themselves in a constructive and fun way,” Orr said.