SCHS clubs go virtual with online Club Faire


Courtesy of SCHS Creative Media Representatives

SCHS adapts to virtual platforms to continue the tradition of holding a Club Faire.

In the wake of the transition to distance learning, SCHS clubs are undergoing an online revolution of sorts. With the lack of in-person interaction, club leaders are finding new ways to stay connected with their members.

ASB created a new system of chartering clubs, and with the creation of a virtual club faire, clubs have moved forward and into a new online space. In previous years, the fall Club Faire was an event in the quad where clubs sold food and merchandise and conducted hands-on activities.

This year, the faire consisted of two parts coordinated by ASB. On Thursday, Sept. 18, a YouTube video containing clips submitted by each club premiered on the SCHS Tech Reps’ channel. Additionally, an asynchronous “Club Faire: A Site to See” page has been added to the SCHS website, allowing students to explore the various clubs online.

“It was really different making these kinds of videos,” Key Club president senior Meghan Van said. “Usually any other videos would take clips of what we’re doing (in-person), but because of our current situation, we’re doing the most we can with tech.”

To make this year’s online Club Faire possible, officers had to create informative and eye-catching clips that were less than a minute duration. In addition, ASB technology representatives worked behind the scenes to complete the video, editing the clips submitted by the various clubs into one video and adding creative visuals.

“I noticed that different clubs had different video ideas,” technology representative sophomore Prateek Kundu said. “Every club’s video was unique in its own way.”

The club faire video currently has more than 320 views on the SCHS Tech Reps YouTube channel, and many felt it was a success.

“The Club Faire was amazing,” freshman Kyle Ingalla said. “It was informative, really entertaining and just fun to watch. It opened my eyes to so many more interesting clubs.”

Officers are hoping the faire will attract new members and bring more traction to their clubs.

“Recruiting new members was actually one of our first concerns,” Drama Club president senior Taika Sorensen said. “When we’re at school in the room, people come to see us, so we’re trying to use Instagram and make sure people know about Drama Club.”

Despite these challenges, student leader optimism remains high.

“We’ve gained the skill of adaptability because everything’s sort of up in the air right now and anything can change,” UNICEF club officer sophomore Kaitlyn Nguyen said. “It’s really about getting together with a team of dedicated members and figuring out how to take full advantage of opportunities even if everything’s online.”