REVIEW: Chloe Moriondo’s single ‘Sammy’ brings light to listeners today


Courtesy of Google Images

Despite current world events, this single is sure to bring a sense of light through its lyricism.

Indie pop artist Chloe Moriondo released yet another adorable and warm melody. On March 7, 2022, Moriondo released “Sammy,” a loving ballad about her dog Sammy. Moriondo typically releases two genres of songs, either a heart wrenching story of sadness masked by a catchy tune, or a soft melancholic tune about love.

In “Sammy,” Moriondo speaks of the love she and her fans have for Sammy.

“Curled up in every nook and cranny, cranny / Could have the hearts of so many, many / But I’m glad that you’re mine,” Moriondo sings.

Fans’ reactions to the song have been overwhelmingly positive even on its first day of release, and as current world events such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict darken many people’s days, this song brings a light.

The song focuses on leaving a good impact and being someone that will never be hurtful or forgotten. Moriondo’s lyrics evoke a distinct influence of pop and an earthiness that her music always encapsulates. She references Sammy’s steadfast love and his reliability.

“Right behind me everywhere I turn / He’s just got this way of knowing,” Moriondo sings.

Many people rely on a companion, and during the COVID-19 lockdown, pets were many people’s anchors through the deep waters of loneliness. This was evidently true of Moriondo as well, who speaks frequently of animals, such as in songs “Bugbear” and “Little Moth.”

Moriondo’s multiple references toward animals creates a homely theme in her discography that many artists do not use, as a lot of contemporary music is convoluted with important but heavy-hearted themes. In contrast, Moriondo consistently brings an upbeat and hopeful tune to the world, and she means to guide listeners through life these days, using her love for Sammy.

Moriondo’s lyrics hit home to the fact that the future is clouded, and her adorable and curious dog Sammy is her light in the fog.

“So many places that he wants to go / But doesn’t know where he’s going,” Moriondo sings.

Moriondo’s future is sure to be full of more music that wavers along the spectrum of the melancholic and joyous, a welcoming juxtaposition. Fans across the world can expect more albums and singles from Moriondo in the coming year, hopefully including more sweet and autumnal songs.