REVIEW: BoyWithUke’s ‘Serotonin Dreams’ captures listeners with its catchy heartbreak songs


Courtesy of Google Images

BoyWithUke’s 11-track album reflects on moments of heartbreak.

Rising artist BoyWithUke released his third album “Serotonin Dreams” on Friday, May 6, making it his first album released in 2022. The album consists of 11 songs lasting around 31 minutes, providing listeners with a mix of angry, sad, heartbreak songs and being afraid of love.

An example of a song on the angry side is his most popular single, “Toxic.” It is a track about having bad friendships and how people are sometimes better off by themselves.

I’m better off all by myself / Though I’m feeling kinda empty without somebody else / Oh, I hear you crying out for help / But you never showed for me when I was ringing your cell phone,” BoyWithUke sings.

“IDGAF,” featuring artist blackbear, reflects an angry heartbreak song about one partner being more committed than the other and the aftermath of getting out of a bad relationship.

“I don’t mind if we speak again / I don’t wanna be cool I don’t wanna be friends / Leave me half alive, on my homies, you was flirty,” BoyWithUke and blackbear shout.

Another track about heartbreak is “Understand,” the ninth tune of the album, which is about falling in love with someone and putting in so much effort for them only to end up heartbroken and depressed.

“Girl, I hope you understand / I wanted to hold your hand / But I can’t, wanted to be your man back than / And you knew I fell for you but you,” BoyWithUke chants.

After all the songs about anger and heartbreak, BoyWithUke’s album turns to songs about being afraid of love. The album’s fourth track, “Prairies,” featuring mxmtoon, is a good example of being scared of falling in love with someone because of the unpredictability of how the relationship will go.

“I was in my bed, I tried to sleep / I held my breath, I was too weak / I fell into your open arms / You’ll break my heart, take it too far / But I don’t care, this isn’t fair,” BoyWithUke sings.

BoyWithUke’s song, “Long Drives” is another song about being afraid of love and not trusting what they say, with a catchy tune.

“We just FaceTime, is this a sign? / I’m fallin’ out of your life / I try my hardest not to think about what I just realized / You said I was your light / I think that’s just a white lie,” BoyWithUke chants.

Overall, BoyWithUke is not for everyone, but those interested in an album about heartbreak and being afraid of love will find “Serotonin Dreams” fits that mold perfectly. BoyWithUke’s album is not perfect, but it is still a great album full of many ballads listeners can enjoy.