REVIEW: Richie Campbell’s “Heartbreak & Other Stories” offers a vision of guilt and heartache


Courtesy of Google Images

“Heartbreak & Other Stories” is a collection of authenticity and vulnerability from Portuguese singer Richie Campbell.

Portuguese singer Richie Campbell mixes love, guilt and heartbreak with a Latin twist in his latest album, “Heartbreak & Other Stories.” Released on March 17, Campbell’s album consists of 18 tracks, spanning a total of 55 minutes and 53 seconds. 

“Chapter V” is the perfect introduction to the album, beginning with a slow piano and dreamy vocals. The song tells a story of a man yearning for his lover to come back, creating an emotional and heartfelt vibe for listeners. 

God gives you what you can bear / Lately I don’t feel him near / And I might be down on my knees / But I’m still here,” Campbell sings. 

 “Love Me Too Much” has a beautiful introduction as the song fades slowly into vocalized whispers before transitioning into a quick beat and louder, intense singing. Although the song is more upbeat, it does not sacrifice passionate and emotional lyrics, which translate to feelings of disappointment and regret. 

Campbell is able to express different sides of heartbreak as the song highlights knowing the breakup was their own fault. 

“You love me too much, trust me too much / But it’s never enough, ’cause I can’t put you first /  You love me too much, want me too much,” Campbell sings. 

“Hard To Get” incorporates both interesting lyrics and a quick-paced dramatic background. With a strong Latin, Bachata-like rhythm, the song is about a man wanting a girl and begging for her out of love. 

“But can I be your man? Can I run into your arms?” Campbell sings. 

“Run Gimme” features Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda and feels like a slight variation of  ”Hard To Get.” Even with their similarities, “Run Gimme” is still just as enjoyable. It carries a strong Latin beat as Shmurda adds more edge to the song in a fun, artistic way. The ending of the song is executed beautifully with appreciable guitar playing. 

“Girl I need you’re loving daily / Can’t go to sleep, I need my baby,” Campbell sings.

“Bear With Me (Take 2)” has another quiet and slow beginning, encapsulating a raw and personal aspect of the album with deliberate guitar strums and a graceful and bare voice. This song is the most emotional of the entire album as Campbell sings, aching for someone to stay and never let go. He promises to stay by their side and help them up when they are down. 

“But I hope you know, you should already know / I can run around the world, but I will always come home,” Campbell sings. 

Campbell executed the album with perfection. Each song is enjoyable and inspiring, even if repetitive at times, and the Latin additions to the tracks add more intrigue and joy. Each component holds a deep message and story that carries all the way from the introduction to the ending, capturing the hearts of listeners.