REVIEW: 6LACK’s “Since I Have a Lover” opens up about romance


R&B Singer 6LACK shows a touch of vulnerability in his latest album “Since I Have a Lover.”

R&B singer 6LACK released “Since I Have a Lover” on Friday, March 24, with his previous album “East Atlanta Love Letter” released in 2018. Incorporating lyrics over lofi beats to create a good-hearted vibe, the album has 19 songs, lasting 58 minutes and 23 seconds. 6LACK sings about his heartbreak and broken relationships, sympathizing with listeners and showing his vulnerability as any other human being. 

The first track, “cold feet,” has an audio recording in the background and a sample of an R&B instrumental. 6LACK blends in blues and soft beats, relaying a calm essence to his music. 

“Inwood Hill Park,” the album’s second song, displays 6LACK’s talent for making a union of calming yet entrancing music. 

“Dazed and I’m under pressure / Embracin’ the highs and lows,” 6LACK sings. 

6LACK’s most anticipated song of the album, “Since I Have a Lover,” has a steady guitar in the background. A soothing melody allures the listener while he tells of a lover and the unique experience of being in love. 

“Since I have a lover, no more lonely nights / The type of love that you supply, can’t televise,” 6LACK sings. 

“Spirited Away” proves that not only is 6LACK human but is flawed and imperfect. He strives to change within his lyrics with a catchy flow, entrancing listeners. 

“Perfect ain’t the type of life I’m livin’ and I never will,” 6LACK sings.

Standing as the most streamed song, “Rent Free” has a flush rhythm that leaks through the mind like honey. 6LACK’s calming tunes relay his gist of grief and his heavy complicated feelings for his lover. 

“‘Cause I been through a lot this year (through a lot) / You been through a lot this year (through a lot) / When it come to the fights this year (to the fights) / Who really paid the price this year? (Paid the price),” 6LACK sings

The album “Since I Have a Lover” is worth listening to. 6LACK produces music that leaves listeners in a tranquil state after each song. His music is a soft but catchy serenity, and his musical style remains a buttery smooth flow.