Various spots on campus serve as a place for students to stay after school


Asia Celestine

Many students visit the library after school to complete assignments and study.

Many SCHS students tend to stay on campus after school because of various extracurricular activities, such as sports, leadership, group projects and more. Along with activities, there are multiple open facilities throughout campus available for students to use after school.

As the school year progressed, librarian Seana Shelby, shared how there are various groups of students who stay on campus after school.

“Some kids are just waiting for the bus, some of them want to get their homework done before they leave and some are waiting for friends to get done with school,” Shelby said.

In addition, Shelby reiterated that the library is one of the most popular places for students to stay in. During certain times of the school year, however, challenges can arise because of students who are taking advantage of the facility.

“There are a lot of different places kids can be on campus, and that’s why I try to keep it quieter after school,” Shelby said. “There’s lots of places to be loud on campus, but if you are trying to study, it would be nice to have a quiet place too.”

Sophomore Grace Muresan described how good study places around campus are available, which she suggested peers use if they need a quiet place to concentrate.

“I would recommend the SBO for sure if you like studying,” Muresan said. “The library is open until pretty late, which is nice.”

Furthermore, students who stay after school hours bring up safety concerns to the school administration. Shelby mentioned the expectations that the administration has for students who stay on campus after school.

“In general, security and administration would like students to be off campus by four o’clock just because there isn’t as much supervision,” Shelby said.

Similar to Shelby, freshman Ninya Udinoor emphasized how the students who decide to stay on campus after school can be limited in their options, which can impact the students’ safety.

“I think they (administration) can definitely keep more rooms open, like the cafeteria for kids to stay in,” Udinoor said. “People that don’t have a ride sometimes just stay outside, and it may be a little unsafe.”

Shelby mentioned how the library is a place for students to benefit from, especially with it being available after school hours.

“Either way makes me happy when there are kids in the library, so I enjoy it when kids show up and make use of the facility,” Shelby said.