New SCHS Special Education teacher Melissa Miguel-Felipe enjoys leaving her comfort zone


Courtesy of Melissa Miguel-Felipe

Miguel-Felipe saw distance learning as an opportunity to learn more about using technology to educate.

Melissa Miguel-Felipe is one of the many new teachers at SCHS this school year. As a special education teacher, Miguel-Felipe said she wants to see her students with special needs to succeed.

“I find success in teaching students with special needs,” Miguel-Felipe said. “It feels good when I see the success that they make while I am there to support them on their journey.”

Before coming to SCHS, Miguel-Felipe taught in multiple departments at high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. According to Miguel-Felipe, she wants to get as much experience as possible in different teaching departments.

“I don’t want to be feeling that I’m in my comfort zone. When you’re too comfortable in the place, then it means you are not learning anymore,” Miguel-Felipe said. “I may have been teaching for a long time, but it doesn’t mean that I know everything.”

Miguel-Felipe said she really enjoys the SCHS environment so far.

“I love it – friendly people, friendly staff,” Miguel-Felipe said. “I like the department I’m in, the Special Ed department. They are very helpful.”

When the district decided on distance learning for the first semester, Miguel-Felipe saw it as an opportunity to find more educational resources and to learn more about using technology.

“I needed to explore a lot of things and research what I can do, what other things are out there that I can utilize,” Miguel-Felipe said. “I pushed myself outside the box.”

When she is not teaching, Miguel-Felipe uses Facebook Messenger to stay connected with her friends and family in the Philippines. What she misses most about the Philippines is the authentic Filipino food.

“I have several favorites. One would be Kare Kare if it was cooked deliciously,” Miguel-Felipe said. “Even if it’s your favorite, if it isn’t cooked the way you like, it then it doesn’t become your favorite.”