Move over candies and chocolate; Music Dept. is selling mattresses for fundraising

The SCHS Music Department is hosting their first annual mattress fundraiser this Sunday, Oct. 2 in the school cafeteria.

Derailing from their previous fundraisers of selling chocolates and candles, Music Director Johnny Erdman reached out to Custom Fundraising Solutions, a fundraising company, to bring the mattress fundraiser to the SCHS campus.

The mattresses will be showcased from 10am to 5pm, where people who are interested are welcome to try out the beds. Once the order is made, the mattress will be delivered to the customer’s house.

“Statistics show that one out of every ten people need a new mattress every year. So I thought by fundraising with something a lot of people would need, we could make more profit,” Erdman said.  

The mattresses range from twin size, which start from $199, to king size, which start from $499. The SCHS Music Department will receive $25 per mattress they sell, which will help reach their year goal of $4000.

The Music Department has been growing for the past two years, according to Erdman. While the growth is much encouraged, it puts a strain on the music funds. Students who can’t afford to buy their own instruments have to use school ones, which are old and often not in the best condition.

Senior Pia Satana and the rest of the Music Department have been reaching out to family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses, asking them to come support SCHS music. The students who are able to sell ten mattresses have the opportunity to win an iPad Pro.

“We are working hard to bring in as much funding to the music department because in the end, the money will help every music student,” Satana said.  

The Music Department is one of the biggest and most diverse branches of SCHS. It contains choir and chorus, orchestra, bands, as well as extracurricular activities of marching band, color and winter guard, and symphonic orchestra. According to Erdman, marching band takes most of the music funds.

The costs for buying instruments, uniforms, and rights to music adds up quickly, so the Music Department is always looking for new ways to fundraise.

“If you are going to buy a mattress, buy it from us. It will support music,” Erdman said.