New VP Erin Brown owns the ‘ugliest dog in the world’


Hudha Khan

New staff member Erin Brown will be taking charge of activities, communications and facilities.

Erin Brown, new SCHS Vice Principal of Activities, Communication and Facilities, claims to have adopted the “ugliest dog in the world.”

While at a local pound in 2011, Brown and her family experienced a connection with an unexpected pooch. Their previous dog, Ginger, described by Brown as “the best dog in the whole world,” was a stark contrast to the one they ended up adopting.  

“We went to the pound when [Ginger] was still alive to get our neighbors a dog, and when we were there, the ugliest dog in the entire pound came up and sat in my youngest daughter’s lap,” Brown said. “[The situation felt] like it was out of a movie. And we took that dog home.”

Their new dog, Taffy, isn’t the only pet at Brown’s house. Bunnies, cats, dogs, snakes, turtles and fish are just some of the other pets living with Brown and her family.

“We’re super suckers for animals. We have all the leftovers.” Brown said. “We have four turtles that people couldn’t take care of, so we have this big pit in the backyard that all the turtles live in.”

Brown’s welcoming attitude has allowed her to connect with students at SCHS.  Her role as Vice Principal of Activities, Communication and Facilities is to engage students in activities beyond academics.  

“I’m passionate about parent-student engagement,” Brown said. “I believe that every student has a connection outside of the classroom.”

Brown’s experience with her own three kids has helped her recognize her love for aiding students. Additionally, Brown knew she wanted to work in education from a very young age.

“I loved helping people and loved being around older people,” Brown said. “Now that I’m at a high school, I’m around people who are soon-to-be grownups, and I love seeing them grow.”

While attending SCHS, Brown worked as an after school care educator. She loved helping the kids and knew she wanted a career in education. She attended San Jose State University and upon earning her administrative credential, Brown worked in other educational positions. Ultimately, she found her current place at SCHS as Vice Principal.

“I love [working here],” Brown said. “I grew up around here and I went to SCHS, so I’ve always been really involved in this community.”

Brown’s passion and motivation comes from the students. The growth and development of every student at SCHS is Brown’s main goal. Brown wishes to use students’ strengths to create a connection for everyone on campus.

“We can be inclusive of everyone,” Brown said. “By helping and supporting students, we can open up the avenue for them to do something.”

To those interested in pursuing a career in education, Brown advises them to seek help and opportunities from mentors in their communities.

“The best thing is to reach out to a teacher or administrator or a coach that you respect and admire and volunteer your time,” Brown said.