The Princess Project matches girls to dresses to help with prom

The Princess Project has been acting as a guardian angel for girls all over California for many years. During the last week of January, SCHS students were able to take part of the Princess Project by donating dresses to a small box in the school lobby.

Founded in 2002 by two girls in need of prom dresses, the Princess Project provides free prom dresses and accessories to teenagers who cannot afford them.

“We realize prom can be expensive, which can cause stress to teens in need who just don’t have the money for all of the prom expenses,” Beth Conti, secretary of Princess Project Silicon Valley (PPSV), said.

According to the Princess Project website, the Princess Project goes through a three-step process in order to provide girls with the “perfect dresses to make their prom dream real.” The Princess Project gathers donations of dresses from different donors, schools and organizations before bringing volunteers in to organize the dresses and accessories. Finally, a giveaway event is held for girls around the Bay Area to pick out dresses of all sizes and styles during March.

“The process is amazing; there is a big hall filled with beautiful, color-coded dresses set up in hangers and racks,” Anu Arsalo, the vice president of SCHS’s Parent Teacher Student Association, said. “Row after row after row of gorgeous dresses for girls to choose from.”

The Princess Project has also impacted several students at SCHS. Freshman class president Adrianne Krivokapic-Zhou supports this organization.

“Personally knowing people who are struggling and could use the Princess Project to help, it makes me so inspired that our school is spreading happiness to all these girls,” Krivokapic-Zhou said. “Having there be a way for students to go to prom [even without the financial means] truly symbolizes what SCHS and the Bay Area is all about.”

SCHS has been contributing to the Princess Project ever since 2010. This year, the Princess Project received 75 dresses from SCHS students, according to PTSA member Diane Ridley.

We believe that prom [is the] most special day in a teen’s life and we want to ensure they enjoy this special day,” Conti said. “With the help of donors and volunteers, who give their time, talent, and taffeta, PPSV makes dreams come true.”

The Princess Project hopes that through all the donations and distributions they can help girls boost their “self-confidence and individual beauty.” For girls who suffer financially, the Princess Project can help relieve stress and create a selfless environment between women.

“Seeing so many others’ dreams coming true is priceless because everyone deserves an equal chance of being involved in school events and to create lifelong memories,” Krivokapic-Zhou said. “The notorious saying of growing up really correlates to the Princess Project: dreams do come true.”


Students interested in volunteering or receiving dresses from the Princess Project can sign up through or contact Vice Principal of Activities Erin Brown in the SBO. The 2018 Dress Giveaway dates are on March 10th, 11th, 14th, 17th,  18th and 20th.