The Wanna Be Doctors club takes initiative in learning more about the medical field

Despite its light-hearted name, the Wanna Be Doctors club is focused and determined to achieve its goal of sharing information related to the medical field. The club meets twice a month to discuss guest speakers and plans for participating in summer programs, internships and field trips.

Club president, senior Ihuoma Otah, started the club in fall, inspired by her own goal of entering the medical field as a nephrologist, a doctor who specializes in kidneys.

Otah’s passion led her to begin researching opportunities, a process she realized could be shared with students also interested in the medical field.

“I decided to form the club because getting into medical school and college in general is really confusing,” Otah said. “I realized some people don’t know how to research it.”

Sophomore Emma Sawaya, vice president of the club, joined to learn about career options.

“There’s so many opportunities and a wide variety of jobs,” Sawaya said. “I feel like this club is a great opportunity for others who want to have a better understanding.”

Otah hopes that participation in the club will foster an open environment where all members can  learn from each other to achieve their goals for entering the medical field.

“They are all interested in what they are talking about, and I think that’s huge,” club advisor Sara Carvalho said. “It really builds the community.”  

Carvalho values the club’s work and believes that more interest in the sciences, including medical science, is beneficial to the country.

“I think that right now, more than ever, science is kind of getting a bad rap…and a lot of people are taking science as not true, or as an opinion,” Carvalho said.

To educate the population on the legitimate importance of science for finding answers, Carvalho believes people who are interested in the sciences are needed.

“We’re always going to need doctors, we’re always going to need nurses, we’re always going to need people to make us healthy,” Carvalho said. “I think it’s a really good club.”


Wanna Be Doctors club meets every other Thursday in S115