SCHS welcomes new Secretary Brenda Rodriguez and her passion for travel and fitness


Courtesy of Brenda Rodriguez

Rodriguez looks forward to watching students graduate and celebrate their hard work.

New SCHS secretary Brenda Rodriguez is looking forward to working with the school, regardless of the current circumstances due to COVID-19. Her passion for helping students and parents outweighs the communication issues caused by the pandemic.

Rodriguez joined the SCHS staff a week after school closed in spring and has been adjusting to her new office environment along with getting accustomed to the school.

Rodriguez moved to the Bay Area from Chicago after researching schools in the area.

“I’ve heard great things. I’ve wanted to join this school district since two years ago, before I relocated,” Rodriguez said. “I was already looking into Santa Clara, and I just love working for schools.”

Once hybrid learning is a viable option, Rodriguez looks forward to graduation as she finds joy in seeing students graduate after all their success and hard work.

For Rodriguez, the applications on the district-provided computers makes her job easier during distance learning.

“This is my first time working from home since I’m always in the building, but it’s doable, and my main job is to communicate with parents, vice principals and principals,” Rodriguez said.

Before making her way to SCHS, Rodriguez earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and political science at Lewis University. She has previously worked as an assistant registrar, a registrar and a vice principal’s secretary.

When she is not working or with her family, Rodriguez can be found exercising or traveling. Her passion for health and fitness is prominent in her everyday life.

“Before COVID, I loved going to the gym,” Rodriguez said. “I love working out and being healthy.”

Traveling is just as exciting for Rodriguez, and she has a few destinations in mind.

“I love to travel. I would love to go to Italy. It’s beautiful,” Rodriguez said. “I just really want to continue working and stay healthy and continue travelling.”

Rodriguez has a daughter she loves very much, and spending time with her is one of her favorite things to do.

“I have a 25-year-old daughter. She’s a big joy to have in my life,” Rodriguez said.“She’s taught me how to be a good mom and I learn from her and she learns from me, so it’s really something that I’m very joyful about.”

Moving to California has inspired Rodriguez to try other things, such as gardening.

“One thing I’d love to learn while I’m here in California is how to plant flowers, or plant some type of fruit in the garden,” Rodriguez said. “In Chicago, we have so much cold, our winters are very long and we have really bad soil.”

Rodriguez is also excited to begin forming connections at SCHS.

“I feel grateful to be here, and I look forward to meeting the kids and learning more about my job and just help out as much as I can,” Rodriguez said.